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Andre Rieu-New York MemoriesAndrea Bocelli - Sogno

Andrea Bocelli - Cinema

Andrea Bocelli - Cinema

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1  Maria (From "West Side Story") 3:13
2  La Chanson De Lara (From "Doctor Zhivago") 3:15
3  Moon River (From "Breakfast At Tiffany's") 3:49
4  E Più Ti Penso (From "Once Upon A Time In America / Malena" ) 4:28
5  Be My Love (From "The Toast Of New Orleans") 2:54
6  The Music Of The Night (From "The Phantom Of The Opera") 3:57
7  Por Una Cabeza (From "Scent Of A Woman") 3:22

8  Sorridi Amore Vai (From "Life Is Beautiful") 3:22

9 Mi Mancherai (From "Il Postino: The Postman") 5:06

10 Cheek To Cheek (From "Top Hat") 2:56

11 Brucia La Terra (From "The Godfather") 4:16

12  No Llores Por Mi Argentina (From "Evita") 4:24

13 Nelle Tue Mani (Now We Are Free) (From "Gladiator") 4:21

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